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John Pierce

Senior Consultant

Mr. Pierce has always considered himself an agent for organizational change and school improvement. His interest and continuing training has been directed at the development of a strong conceptual understanding of systems thinking and strategic planning to advance public education.

Mr. Pierce has over thirty-five years of effective leadership and advocacy in five diverse school communities; experienced leadership with administration search teams; skilled in staff evaluation, supervision and professional development; strong command of organizational change and development; competent in the comprehensive dimensions of school leadership for public schools with training and experience in leadership coaching and capacity building.

His experience in education includes teaching in high school and college level and as principal of four diverse high schools. He was most recently doing Leadership Coaching for the MA Department of Education and is a Certified Facilitator for the National Institute for School Leadership (NISL).

Mr. Pierce holds a B.S. in Education from University of Massachusetts and M. S. degree in Psychology with a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Secondary School Administration from Northeastern University


John Pierce
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