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Robin Coursen


Robin brings over 30 years of experience to our team in facilitation and collaborative process with federal, state, local and tribal stakeholders. With a master’s degree in Environmental Science, she worked in multiple programs at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and collaborated with multiple other government agencies and stakeholders; even serving in three international roles. She uses her training and exceptional skills in facilitation, collaboration, mediation and process to accomplish consensus, results, and outcomes for all parties involved. In her multi-faceted work with the EPA, she worked often with teams within and outside of the agency to determine barriers of team development, improve communications, turn conflict into creativity, and lead teams to develop workplans with Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant and Time Bounded (SMART) goals. In 2015-2017 she was called upon by the EPA to represent the United States in a U.S. Agency for International Development collaborative project in Southeast Asian. Five Mekong nations, EPA, and the European Union collaboratively developed “Guidelines for Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment in the Mekong Region” through the leadership of PactWorld. Robin advised on guideline development, facilitated, presented, trained, and presented online seminars.

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Robin Coursen
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