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Lyle Kirtman

CEO & Senior Management Consultant

Lyle Kirtman has been a management consultant for more than 35 years, specializing in leadership development, strategic planning, organizational development, high performance team development, conflict resolution, and executive coaching. Mr. Kirtman has consulted with more than 700 organizations in the educational, non-profit, corporate, and government arenas. He has written four books on leadership in education. His books include: Leadership and Teams: The Missing Piece of the Educational Reform Puzzle (Pearson), Leadership: Key Competencies for Whole System Change (co-written with Michael Fullan) (Solution Tree), Coherent School Leadership: Forging Clarity from Complexity (co-written with Michael Fullan) (ASCD - August 2019 release date) and Stop the Endless Debates Time to Move to Action: Aligning Policy to Best Practices (co-written with David Driscoll) (release date TBD).

Mr. Kirtman serves as a coach to more than twenty-five CEOs of for-profit and non-profit organizations. He has developed several Executive Leadership Groups that meet regularly to learn about leading organizations in today’s challenging environment. He has consulted with more than 250 school districts, the Massachusetts Municipal Association (serving the cities and towns in Mass.), Channel 5 - TV, The Governor's Task Force on Education and Technology in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, the Department of Education. the Executive Offices of Human Services and Economic Affairs, Massachusetts General Hospital, UMass Medical School, Farm Aid, Jewish Family and Children’s Services, Massachusetts Council of Family Servicing Agencies, La Alianza Hispana Inc., and the United Way of Massachusetts Bay, The United States Environmental Protection Agency, Homeland Security, and many others.


Lyle Kirtman
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