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What the Researchers Say:



Testimonials from Fullan, Marzano, and Vander Ark

 What the Research Says:



Extensive Leadership and Data Analysis

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Research behind the FMS approach

 Lessons Learned from Other Industries



FMS has learned from other fields and applied to education.

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What the Researchers Say:

"Leadership and Teams (by Lyle Kirtman) provides a previously unaddressed perspective on how schools can and should be run....Kirtman's Seven Competencies...align well with current research on successful leadership in schools."


Robert J. Marzano

PhD, Thought Leader


"Lyle's work has focused on the leadership competencies that educational leaders require as they encounter specific situations.  The material...arises from the work...done in partnerships with many districts and states across the United States..."


Michael Fullan

PhD, Thought Leader


"We appreciate Lyle's Kirtman's research-based perspective on leadership development...We wholeheartedly support Kirtman's approach to systematic and sustainable change and highly recommend his work.


Tom Vander Ark

Former Gates Foundation Executive Director



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 This is what Research Says:

FMS had a data base of 600 leaders in education on the Myers Briggs Type Inventory, the DISC, and a Values inventory. Currently the data base has grown to over 1000 leaders. FMS subsequently conducted a second study with a team of researchers from Pearson Publishing and ASCD on another leadership assessment, The Workplace Personality Inventory (WPI). The second study substantiated his original findings. The WPI study resulted in the only nationally normed leadership assessment for education.



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 Lesson from other Industries:

The results of our work with teams have been dramatic.  Using techniques developed through work nationally with over 700 clients in industries including the Federal government, 300 school districts, state authorities, major foundations, private corporations and non-profits, FMS has helped organizations change and grow in dramatic and meaningful ways.



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