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"FMS helps schools and districts identify and develop leaders that are getting sustainable improvement in student achievement.

David Driscoll, Former MA commissioner of Education

MA Urban Independent School District

Jim O'Rourke-Principal

Hillsboro-Deering High School

FMS's partnered with the school district to improve it's school-wide culture.  The work resulted in an improvement of 60% in student performance.

John Pierce is a dynamic leader who strives to empower and develop principals and other educational professionals in transforming their skills in becoming stronger leaders themselves.  John was able to motivate and engage a framented faculty and new administration in setting school-wide norms to improve school culture, student achievement and enhance leadership in all stakeholders to a comprehensive transformation at Hillsboro-Deering High School

Manchester Independent School District

FMS's approach- combining group work with individual sessions - has been highly effective in strengthening the work of the members of my team and the team as a whole.

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