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About Us

Future Management Systems (FMS), established in 1979, by Lyle Kirtman, has served 700 organizations over more than 30 years. FMS was established with the belief that organizations in the public and private sector can form networks of support to help their organizations meet their goals.


FMS focused on leadership development to build the capacity of people and organizations to create sustainable change. We believe the best opportunities for change, improvement, and results exist through finding the best leaders for our clients, creating opportunities for them to grow personally and professionally, and to develop leadership capacity to sustain their improvements.


We are always focusing on results not just development and process. Our public and private sector clients continuously meet and exceed their goals and note the impact we have had on their success. Our results focused processes for change build sustainability.


Our approach is direct and focused, enabling leaders to benefit from the honest feedback of our consultants. We use our broad experience in education, business, health care, and government to provide a unique perspective for our clients. We are able to find the best each sector can offer and implement these changes for long term success.


Our services range from strategic planning, organizational assessments and mergers to conflict management, leadership coaching, and team building. Most of our competitors focus on technical assistance or personal and professional development. We believe that the tools for success are both personal and organizational. It is the ability to deal with people and change and to develop specific, measurable business goals that ensure sustainable success.

The following are our mission, values, and operating principles that we believe allow us to practice what we preach.



A leadership consulting firm that enables current and future leaders in the public and private sector to build high performance organizations that are sustainable in today's rapidly changing environment of strategic partnerships and global networks.


Core Values:

- Excellence in our customer service

- Respect and integrity in our client services and relationships

- Commitment to diversity in our internal organization and our work with clients

- Innovation in all that we do


Operating Principles:

- Direct, honest feedback delivered constructively

- Own everything whether it's yours or not

- Set clear expectations in writing

- Primarily focus on customer and responsibility for results

- Honor time commitments and deadlines

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