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Peter DeWitt's Leaders Coaching Leaders podcast with Lyle Kirtman.  Why Educational Strategies are not in sync.  Listen here.

EdWeek Article

A Finding Common Ground Opinion Piece, Educational Strategies and Student Outcomes are Not in Sync.  Read here

Unlock 360 Podcast

Ready for a leadership masterclass? Hear from experts on how to drive growth and success, no matter your role. Hear from both Lyle Kirtman and Beth Saunders Listen here

Why School Systems Choose FMS

"FMS' work has helped frame the process and paradigm for change in a way that allows us to see along a continuum from the micro needs to the macro shift.  Their ability to focus on practical strategies has assisted our transformation to a more balanced and empowering system of leaders."

Scott Kuffel


Geneseo School District, IL

"FMS helps schools and districts identify and develop leaders that are getting sustainable improvement in student achievement.  FMS identifies critical factors that others ignore, and these missing pieces are essential for success.  Their research based assessments and leadership competencies are steeped in theory and inform a practice in crucial ways.  FMS training will benefit any district willing to change."

David Driscoll

Former MA Commissioner of Education

FMS is focused on leadership development to build the capacity of people and organizations to create sustainable change. We believe the best opportunities for change, improvement, and results exist through finding the best leaders for our clients, creating opportunities for them to grow personally and professionally, and to develop leadership capacity to sustain their improvements.

We are always focusing on results not just development and process. Our public and private sector clients continuously meet and exceed their goals and note the impact we have had on their success. Our results focused processes for change build sustainability.

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